Anti-Bacte® Solid

Anti-Bacte® Solid (NC) Anti Bacte is 100% active synergistic dry Acid Mixture (without carrier). Very effective against gram negative bacteria. The calcium salts in this mixture are organic and more soluble with lower Acid Binding Capacity (ABC) compared to limestone. This on return will lower the ABC of the feed and what may lead to a better natural acidification in the stomach of animal. The unique combination of salts ensures the NonCorrosive status os the product.

Anti-Bacte® Liquid

Anti-Bacte® Liquid (NC) is synergic liquid acid mixture which controls gram negative bacteria ( salmonella and other harmful microbes) and mould in compound feeds and feed raw materials. The unique combination of salts ensures the NonCorrosive status of the product.

Eco-Feed Antimould Super NC®

Eco-Feed Antimould Super NC® has a strong anti mould effect and is very efficient against the all common moulds. The formulation of Eco-Feed Antimould Super NC provides better effectiveness against growth and propagation of yeasts and moulds than even pure non-buffered propionic acid. It should attract the attention of the customer that beside being so effective against mould this unique combination is also non-corrosive.

Pro Aqua FLPCA® Liquid

Pro Aqua FLPCA® Liquid Liquid acidifier for improving drinking water quality for poultry/pigs. Water acidification, diet acidificaton, microbial control, improved drinking water quality. The organic acids reduce water and stomach pH and inhibit the growth of pathogen microbes (bacteria andfungi). This also may result in an antibacterial effect throughout the gastro-intestinal tract.

Progutba Poultry®

Progutba Poultry® is a unique combination of short chain fatty acids and their salts enriched in medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s). Beside the fact that the product fight gram negative bacteria MCFA’s help to reduce gram positive pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, the MCFAs are saturated fatty acids that are slowly absorbed and are an excellent source of highly available energy. Because of slow absorbance in the stomach it bypass the stomach and it’s ph value helps to cause natural functioning in intestine.

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