Anti-Bacte® Solid (NC) contains 100% active substances, acids and their calcium salts, which have a wide range of functionalities. Combination of formic-,citric-, and propionic acid and their calcium salts. The product is mainly applied for controlling microbes (bacteria) in feedstuffs. Indeed, at a lower pH, more of the calcium salts will turn into acids, such as formic- and propionic acid. Anti Bacte is produced with special technology with 100% active substance without a carrier. Calcium which is available here is organic with higher bio-availability and lower buffering capacity than the inorganic calcium from limestone..

Formic acid               45 %;
Citric acid                  15%,
Propionic Acid          11,5 %
Organic Calcium       22,8% (Digestable)
Appearance:              Powder / fine Granules
Color:                         White / Off-white



Progutba® contains 95,2% active substances, acids and their calcium salts with a unique combination of MCFAs enriched in Lauric acid (C12:0), which have a wide range of functionalities. Indeed, at a lower pH and more particularly in the presence of strong acids such as citric acid, the calcium salts of the SCFAs will turn into their respective acid form such as formic- and lactic acid. Progutba® reduces the growth of harmful bacteria in the feed and improves the quality and shelf live. This special technology allows to combine different acids without using a carrier. Calcium which becomes available in this product is organic which is very valuable with higher bio-availability and lower buffering capacity than the inorganic calcium from limestone. Beside effectiveness against gram negative pathogen bacteria lauric acid is proven to be effective against gram positive pathogen bacteria. Lauric acid has slowly absorbed in the stomach and works through the intestine. Of the MCFA, lauric acid is the most inhibitory saturated MCFA against Clostridium perfringens, followed by capric acid. They alter the outer membranes of bacteria leading to membranefluidity and even leaking of cellular content.
Formic acid               33%
Lactic acid                 11.2%
Acetic acid                 14%
Citric acid                  7%
MCFA                         12%
Calcium                      20% (digestible)


Anti-Bacte® Liquid NC

Liquid preservative for controlling harmful microbes in feedstuffs. Controls Salmonella and other harmful microbes in compound feeds and feed raw materials. Provides resistance to recontamination. Easy to handle (Non-corrosive). Is also a potent mould inhibitor. No withdrawal period is required.


Formic Acid:             Min. 50.0 %

Propionic Acid:         Min. 13.5 %
Sodium:                     Min.  5 %

Appearance:              Liquid
Color:                         Slight Yellow
Density:                     1.05 – 1.15 g/cm


Pro Aqua Advanced NC
Pro Aqua Advanced NC consists of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) with a unique combination of Medium Chain Fatty Acids which have a wide range of functionalities. Pro Aqua Advanced NC may prevent the growth of harmful bacteria (Salmonella and Campylobacter) in the gastro-intestinal tract. Pro Aqua Advanced NC is especially recommended to be used to prevent Salmonella and Campylobacter infection at the end of life cycle in order to lower the risk of carcass contamination during slaughtering. No withdrawal period is required. Effective also against gram positive pathogenic bacteria.

Formic acid:              49.0%,
Propionic acid:         25.0%,
MCFA:                       10.0%,
Sodium:                     5.5%,
emulsifier                  5.0%
MPG                           0.1%


Progutba force®

Progutba force especially developed to be used in broiler and turkey feeds. Suitable for laying hens especially when reared “on floor”.

MCFA 76% +
Propionic acid 24%

Pro Aqua NC (Non Corrosive) 

Pro Aqua NC is used to acidify drinking water in order to maintain good hygienic quality. The organic acids reduce water and stomach pH and inhibit the growth of pathogen microbes (bacteria and fungi). This also may result in an antibacterial effect throughout the gastro-intestinal tract.
Pro Aqua NC reduces infection pressure of gram negative bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella, etc.) and may have a positive effect on animal health and consequently feed efficiency and animal performance.

Pro Aqua FLPCA® Liquid

Liquid acidifier for improving drinking water quality for poultry/pigs.

Assay Formic Acid: 70.0 % (+/- 2.0%)
Assay Lactic Acid: 9.4 % (+/- 1.0%)
Assay Propionic Acid: 5.0 % (+/- 0.5%)
Assay Citric Acid: 1.0% (+/- 0.1%)
Assay Acetic Acid: 2.0% (+/- 0.1%)
Appearance: Liquid
Color: brown
Density: 1.15 – 1.29 g/cm3
Lead (Pb): Max. 5 ppm
Arsenic (As): Max. 3 ppm

Progutac ph control

Progutac ph control contains high levels of organic acids and anticaking agents for an application in poultry feeds. It has an acidifying effect on feed and is to be used for poultry. The formic acid and the ammonium salt of formic lowers the pH of the feed while the lactic acid is an approved GRAS general purpose feed ingredient. The anticaking agent, silicon dioxide allows a good dispersion of the acids resulting in a free flowing feed.

Based on demand of our customers we can develop variety of combinations of acids on carriers (silicon, vermiculite  etc.)



Methionine is an essential amino acid needed to maintain vital functions and optimal growth. Animal production at industrial level requires additional supplementation of Methionine in the diet. Methionine is essential for the absorption, transport and bioavailability of some essential minerals in the body, acting as a methyl donor to avoid the accumulation of excess of fat in the liver.
MethPlus ® is a nutraceutical additive that ismanufactured by following the standards of European quality, meeting the norms of traceability and ensuring a uniform result in terms of composition and results obtained.
MethPlus ® contains precursors and intermediate products of Methionine, folic acid and recyclers, thanks to the natural components that are provided by its ingredients (plant extracts).
MethPlus is an effective and profitable replacer of DL Methionine in all feeds used in animal production (poultry, pig, ruminants, aquaculture and pet food) allowing a greater efficacy in the use of the Methionine present in the feed.



SILICA+ is a biological resonance catalyst capable of enhancing the rate of various biochemical reactions, nutrient and ionic transport across the gut epithelial cell membrane by exciting the molecular water in the intestine with synchronized delivery of electromagnetic energy.
• 100% natural mineral source
• 40 microns micronized crystalline powder
• Activated by transfer of electromagnetic energy
• Chemical free, livestock and environment friendly
• Not absorbed from gut; no withdrawal periods
• Promotes biochemical processes such as digestion, absorption, assimilation, metabolism
• Stimulates enzymatic reaction
• Synergizes with feed additives and supplements
• Promotes aerobic degradation of undigested proteins
• Restores biological homeostasis
• Improves digestibility of protein and feed efficiency
• Increases average daily gain and final weight
• Increases action of antibiotics, enzymes and acidifiers
• Reduces production of ammonia and other odorous gases
• Enhances dissolved oxygen content in water
• Improves global health status and reduces oxidative stress

Chloline Chloride

Choline Supplement is Essential
Choline is present in nature and animal metabolism BUT
• Not in sufficient amount
• Standard choline content of feed ingredients is published, but there are significant differences between mentioned and measured values.
• Bioavailability choline is lower than the content which is available in feed.
Tip* Highest bioavailability of 24% of choline can be found. in rapeseed

Eco-Feed Offers high standard range of Choline Chloride at competitive conditions:
• Choline chloride 70% liquid
• Choline chloride 75% liquid
• Choline chloride 70% Corn Cob
• Choline Chloride 50% Silica

We offer a variety of high-quality amino acids, such as lysine, threonine, methionine, and glycine, to meet the nutritional needs of animal diets.

Our amino acids include:
• DL Methionine 99%
• Glycine 98.5%
• Lysine
• Threonine

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