Meth+ VL

Meth+ VL
Profitable Replacer of Protected Synthetic Methionine for cattle:

1. MethPlus VL is an effective replacer of protected synthetic methionine.
2. Decreases feed costs while maintaining or improving the animals zoo technical performance
3. Effective from the 1st day of use

• Combination of plants and algae extracts with biological activities partially analogue to methionine’s.
• Main active components: Seaweed extracts and flours. Seaweed extracts and flours. Legume extracts. Herbs and plants extracts.
• Powder form. Finely ground.
• Contains precursors and intermediate products of methionine, folic acid and recyclers, present in its natural components of plant origin.
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SILICA+ is a biological resonance catalyst capable of enhancing the rate of various biochemical reactions, nutrient and ionic transport across the gut epithelial cell membrane by exciting the molecular water in the intestine with synchronized delivery of electromagnetic energy.
• 100% natural mineral source
• 40 microns micronized crystalline powder
• Activated by transfer of electromagnetic energy
• Chemical free, livestock and environment friendly
• Not absorbed from gut; no withdrawal periods
• Promotes biochemical processes such as digestion,
absorption, assimilation, metabolism
• Stimulates enzymatic reaction
• Synergizes with feed additives and supplements
• Promotes aerobic degradation of undigested proteins
• Restores biological homeostasis
• Improves digestibility of protein and feed efficiency
• Increases average daily gain and final weight
• Increases action of antibiotics, enzymes and acidifiers
• Reduces production of ammonia and other odorous gases
• Enhances dissolved oxygen content in water
• Improves global health status and reduces oxidative stress

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